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2010-03-31 15:07:18 Calling Tiger Woods my bf and i loved the joke, AWESOME
2010-03-31 15:08:48 Going Fishin' a great lesson all people should learn, be careful what you say in bed lol
2014-01-22 01:06:07 fun with the ex, after all, who said we couldn't just be friends, with benefits? no, i've never published any sex stories anywhere else.
2014-01-22 01:27:43 Accidental Lovers - Part 1 this was a good story, a bit repetitive with certain words or phrases, work on expanding the vocabulary and using different phrases for describing things.
also, i would recommend only tagging things that occur in the specific chapter. i haven't read the following ones yet, but i was disappointed about the lack of anything lesbian, especially considering that was the main reason i clicked this story