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2009-11-05 18:32:03 Julia's first fuck First of all, it's not listed under "written by women", no one forced you to read it. Not all women bleed on their first time either. If you don't like it, then please give HELPFUL comments. It was clearly tagged with blowjobs. You're not fond of giving them, then don't read it. Not to mention the fact that girls who've just gone through puberty, often have very light pubic hair. Maybe you don't think a little control is sexy. Maybe you don't think hair being played with is sexy. I really don't care. but if you want to write annoying comments, tell me what you'd prefer. More oral for Julie? Coming right up, I promise.
2009-11-06 23:28:26 Julia's first fuck Ok. I really couldn't care whether you think I'm a woman or not, because I am. Maybe other women don't like the same things I do, and I really don't have any control over showing you my gender. If I had a choice, I probably wouldn't share it, but it is shared, and I am female. Also, I feel the need to defend Ben a little. No one said this was a true story. It clearly states in the story that Ben thinks he's in love with Julia. He's not just sleeping around, as you may find out in the next one if you'd like to read it.
2009-11-21 10:52:43 Julia's first fuck Thank you. I'd like to be perfectly honest and say that, it upset me that the comment left by the other reader was mostly complaining about little technical things, and that they were actually wrong about most of them. The comment was snarky, and was trying to act like it was a constructive, when it wasn't. I was grumpy when I read yours, and it irked me. Sorry I snapped.