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2009-05-15 08:35:20 kitty at boarding school for a first attempt it is very good it got my juices flowing
my pantys were wet through
and thats all i ask of a writer is to make me wet and horny
2009-05-29 10:24:20 Laurens fantasy I must agree with the other comments on here, you need to brake down the story into sections,
then work over each one until it makes sense, then follow the flow of the story from one section into the next , and never post until you you reread it
2009-06-20 09:45:04 justice at last
2009-08-13 09:40:38 doing what i need to stay alive thankyou reader 2009 08 06 23;23;24
if I had your pm I would write to personaly thank you
dancing in the darkness is so helpfull
I havnt posted on there yet as I am seeing what other
survivers have to say but I now know I am not the only one to suffer thankyou so much