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2009-07-20 23:47:08 California - The Introduction Yes the writer did rip it off. Also I got a gripe against writers that always make the husband the wimp.He talks about how he was shocked to see his wife get fucked anmd that he wanted to stop them...if he wanted to stop them then he should suck. So Todds cock was bigger He should have had the balls to stand up to all three and told first his wife that if she wanted a larger cock then she should fuck horses and left after telling her that I would have the divorce papers served immediately and told her sister and todd that although he had a big cock jackasses had one bigger and all they could do is hee haw. I would have told the sister that it might have been california but that not everyone in California was a trashy fuck slut like she was and if my wife wanted to be one then I would have left.
2009-07-20 23:52:02 California - The First Night Yes be good to the reader and let this be all...The problem with you cukold writer is that you have to be a frigging faggot wimp yourself...
2009-07-28 21:53:06 If you think this is bad then you have to see my story Lisa Southaven Mississippi whore Removed. I have been trying to get Lexmarkk for over two weeks to remove the story but he must be busy sucking his grandmothers tits while his mother sucks his asshole. So I wrote this one which is really a request and after reading this sick shit I know that the site will publish anything. Write anything you want to there is no one reading it for publication
2009-07-31 23:50:19 Wifes Class Reunion Hey Joe blow what did you do to the whore wife...did you suck all the Mexican and nigger cum out of her?