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2009-05-11 06:17:42 First Night in Hell Part 3 I feel that you should focus on working on Samantha - turning her into a desperate whore - by not allowing her to cum...keeping her in total sub space - fucked and then plugged in both holes constantly stimulating her...sleeping in a cage, collared and leashed etc...made to follow her Masters around naked - and on all fours, lying at his feet when he is sitting etc

Would LOVE her to be auctioned off at a slave auction - while 'on heat' then taken away - with her sister to be whores for some sadist and lucky owner

What ever direction you choose - please write more about slavery etc - very very hot :)
2009-05-15 01:11:53 The detention Masters and Mistresses - Please write feedback when you vote - as this is my first attempt and i wish to improve

2009-05-19 05:26:11 Bondage Class Yes I agree - please continue :)
2009-05-20 09:09:18 Young Slave Whore Very good story - agree that the massa would have spoken in "proper" english - and yes this is what would have happened on the plantations - would love to see a bit more force involved as well...maybe a bit of humiliation - make her fuck the platation dogs for his immusement :)