Comments from Cybrgigolo

Date Story title Comment
2009-05-08 15:49:02 Daughter's Accident Good story. Not overly detailed or anything but still a good read.
2009-05-08 15:51:48 While I am not sure about an 8yo with a full sized shepard and being that sexually active - have enjoyed the majority of these two stories and hope there is a third cumming.
2009-05-08 16:14:32 The Cock Hungry Houswife I spend a lot of times in apartments as well with my job. Always a great fantasy and you sometimes wonder if the women there arent sometimes looking for a lil more.
2009-05-08 17:02:32 Alumni: Lisa's Punishment Looking forward to the rest of this story
2009-05-08 18:07:31 April (Longish) Quite enjoyed this story. Nice work. Hope to hear more from you.