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2012-07-07 15:02:40 An interesting thanksgiving week pt 1 you obviously have less experience than you try to make other people think
2012-07-09 13:40:11 A Good fuck on the dance floor i thought it was a pretty good read. a little rough with the spelling and verb tense but overall a good story. i hope to read more from you
2012-07-10 18:52:17 Out for a walk with Big Brother much like everyone else said, you're story does need some build up to it. it has potential to be good. when i open a story, i tend to look at the scroll bar for a quick reference to see how long it is before i read it. the formatting was good and the paragraph length was good. you just need to be more descriptive with the actual sex. also, a character description lets people picture your story more vividly. in the end, it makes it a lot hotter for the reader. good start though. i'm waiting to see how your writing develops.