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2009-05-18 00:48:51 jonny joke... not having a crack at christians Yo dude, itz cawld spel chequer. git yerself won
2009-08-13 21:24:49 Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 6 enema, hard anal AWESOME !!!!

Great tease and interaction. HOT!!
2009-09-06 14:25:23 Erica, Ranch Wife. pt 7. lost cucumber del here: positive comments or don't read it. Also, if you don't like the genre, why are you reading the damn stories ?

And why are you posting the same thing 3 times ? Retard.
2009-09-06 14:36:25 At The Sea Side you compare your crap stories to mine ? mine are rated in the high 80's and you average a 30-50 %.

loser, f%^&k off.
2009-09-06 14:44:04 Madeleine couldn't finish this.