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2009-07-26 16:49:58 Hmm, I missed alot of struggle though, the struggle was there but not very realistic. Plus her mood switched from reluctant to willing in no time... shame. But I guess that's personal taste.

Also, what made me laugh is you nailed me with the story. I'm Natasha, green-eyed brunette with D-cup. How did you manage that?? lol.

Otherwise, good story, nice action!
2009-07-26 17:42:40 End of the Game Loved it. Nailed the dominance feeling very well... and then end was surprising! Keep writing.
2009-07-27 16:44:25 Josh teaches his sister a lesson I didnt mind the violence at all, it keeps the adrenaline flowing indeed. Great story! But that's a matter of personal taste of course.

Also I liked the fact you kept it very realistic, using the music to make sure no one hears them, not coming inside her because there is uncertainty whether she's on birthcontrol... love the details.

Small sidenote, use capital letters next time to give it that last true shine of as excellent story. Didn't bother me too badly though :)
2009-10-01 09:17:52 What comes around, goes around... Thank you for the replies. Indeed, it might have been better to cut it into pieces... But I guess I'm allowed to make at least one beginners mistake ;) I'll make sure to edit this one.
2009-10-10 10:02:22 Don, women can write these stories, dont you worry about that :) Great story Suzette! The descriptions in the beginning set a good scenery and made his situation much livelier. Not much to complain about actually, just keep doing what you're doing (but I tend to agree with some others that the victims should be a little older...)