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2009-06-02 15:26:28 This was beautifully written, well constructed and an absolute joy. I look forward to reading more of your works.
2009-05-31 07:45:30 Give me... from Pineapplelovers69:

Like everything this woman writes, this poem is magical. So much said with so few words. We love you
2009-05-31 07:46:56 He Touches Me from Pineapplelovers69:

You are a master. There is nothing else to say.
2009-08-02 11:25:13 Nora You never disappoint us. When we click on one of your stories we know it will be well-writtien, sensual, and actually have a plot with characters we can visualize and care about. Thank you again for another wonderful read.
2009-08-02 11:33:45 Dear Sir, we have refrained from commenting on every chapter, but at this point, we have to. We are anticipating the end to this series, and yet we never want it to end. Is there anyone out there as creative and expressive as you? Not many. Please don't keep us in suspense.