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2009-06-09 01:38:04 The Character Tommy is the same Character from the other story's and by going Younger this time it gives him a chance to Teach LMAO
2009-06-09 02:26:26 I Come From An Unusual Family Part 3 Love the Story keep going More info Maybe Jesse can be his Legit cinquest. And keep it in the Family :-)
2009-08-20 03:07:37 Fucking the black girl next door I think they need a few more Times to get it Right. She likes it White and He likes it Black so maybe they can get His Wife in the sack.
2012-08-22 04:13:54 The Real Man of the House: Ch. 1 Taking the Mother Well now that he has taken Over the Mom when will he take Wendy and bring her to Task for her Mouthing Off.
Dorthy would be too Easy besides having Mother and Daughter Side by Side would be a way to Break both of them further.
2012-08-24 00:05:54 Jason's Little Family (rewrite) Chapter 1 How did Jason go from a 7" Dick in the Original to a 5" Dick in the Rewrite?