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Date Story title Comment
2009-06-09 13:40:17 The Restaurant Veeery nice, loved it.
2009-06-16 07:31:00 The Chair Amazing!!! Loved it...
2009-07-13 08:51:53 Across the Way 2 I don't usually enjoy FFM, but that was wonderful......
2010-06-04 12:30:27 VAGINAFEST - Chapter 1 I'm really sorry that the title actually put me off reading this story. I enjoyed it, but you skimmed over a lot - I would have preferred a more detailed description of a shorter period of time. Still very nice overall.
2010-06-17 04:49:40 First Saturdays Absolutely stunning - you were so lucky to find someone like that. And so beautifully written. I will be keeping an eye on your work