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2009-06-12 22:46:10 Kathy's Twin Sister Loved thebathtub sex,
2009-06-14 12:54:55 Carol Whay we have here is a real love story, between two mature adults, who find each other in a moment of vulnerability. What most of the stories on here would have done is have Carol fucking Bubba while Ron fingered Chloe. and then they would have sucked each other. Now that would have been XNXX romance at it's finest. You have written a beautiful story, but alas I think it may actually be a personal fantasy for a very lonely lady who lives by the river in new york. I hope that you, like Carol, find your Ron in the park. And I hope he brings you to many patient, loving orgasms in the future. Thank you for writing this beautiful erotic tale. It made this old man wish he too could find his Carol. God bless
2009-06-21 21:02:06 Kumiko - Part 2: Waking Up Reader 2009-06-17 05:18:54

Don't challenge his spelling when you have spelling errors in a seven word review. Dumbass
2009-06-22 22:39:22 Anne's High School Reunion My wife went alone to her reunion and I learned from one of her friends that she fucked her old boyfriend at her motel that night. Donna, my wife's best friend in high school told me that my wife filled her in on all the details when they met for lunch the next day. Donna said Judi was giddy with excitement and told her that Buddy's cock was actually bigger than it had been in high school. She also told her that they went 69 which she never does with me, but Donna has done that to me a couple of times. When I asked my wife how she enjoyed seeing all of her old friends she made up some lame story about spending the evening with her old girlfriends at the local hangout they frequented in school. Donna was quick to tell me all the details. I told Donna that i wished she had gone with them and gotten some pictures of them fucking. Donna said that she would loved to have done that. I have fucked Donna several times since she told me this. It is our secret, Judi has hers and so do we.
2009-06-24 22:01:47 Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday I loved it sweetie. It reminded me of encounters with my own sister and my favorite cousin who gives the best head in the world. Write more. We all would love to read it. Hope you have a quivering pussy tonight.