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2010-12-27 17:15:12 I'm Not Alone This sounds very much like my childhood. I would go "peeping" with my friend Carol and watch the couples that lived in our neighborhood. We also watched her big sister suck at least half a dozen different boys cocks. Carol and I would always finish our escapades with a good fuck. She was the one who taught me to suck pussy and gave me my first blowjob. Aww the memories of youth.
2011-11-20 13:38:39 Amanda's Story This story sucked. Poor writing, pitiful build-up to a little cunnilingus. Bullshit, stop writing and go back to class.
2011-11-29 20:28:32 A woman named Freddie Well, my cock's pretty hard right now. I would love to watch my wife and another woman. I guess every guy has that fantasy. I have had sex with a lesbian once before when I was in college. she wanted to try it with a guy, so I obliged. It wasn't bad. I spent a lot of time stimulating her orally before slipping my cock into her pussy. She was very methodical about our love making. She insisted on keeping the lights on so she could see my cock and watch what I was doing. I had no problem with that, she was a beautiful woman, with an amazing ass, so it was a pleasure to see all that before I got to actually make love. We never did it again, but she would joke that I was her first, but not her worst. She said that my having a big cock helped her make the decision because she used an oversized dildo. Anyway, that's my story, yours was great. Loved every cock teasing minute of it. Thanks. Write some more.
2012-01-29 08:43:21 Sasha and Randy meet Mom Hey everyone, why no comments? didn't you like it?
2012-11-10 13:02:50 Alice the slut just wants cock! From the other comments I am glad I didn't waste my time trying to decipher this obvious piece of shit.