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2009-11-09 06:39:00 The Continued Adventures of Ric and Aly. (2) Nice storry... again! Aly is hot! Loved the thong! But when is he going to take her in her sexy ass? Give us some hot Aly anal! :)
2011-08-26 12:26:01 Asian Fascination Not a bad start. It's very brief, and lacks some description, as you mentioned yourself. These are things to work on for your next story. The scene is very smutty and sexy and the girl sounds hot. Could have done with a better ending, but that's something that can be worked on later. Also, I can understand why you might just say the pddress is 111 Fake Street, but adding in random but believable detail really adds depth to the story. It helps the reader imagine they are really there with the character. So I would advise using not so obviously fake details in the future. I look forward to reading your next story.
2011-08-26 23:55:14 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 6 Wow, Jade! Another fantastic story! I'm so impressed you can continue to interest, surprise and arouse me with this same series. I should be bored by now. :) I know how you do it though; with your amazing talent!

I love the depth you bring to your stories, all the funny and often sexy circumstances you bring to life; I love the characters, I love Sochiko's strength and independence; and the sex is nothing short of mind blowing (and ball blowing as well)!

I love your taste in sex. Sometimes I'm not sure if you've somehow read my fantasies and are writing them down just for me. In any case, you give me hope that there is people out there with similar preferences. Even the events in this chapter I found guiltily sexy. My girlfriend and I are going through a similar situation, although I'm trying to introduce her more slowly than Peter did to Sachiko. :) I feel your description of what it must be like for a woman to go through such an experience is vividly accurate.

As I’m sure ha
2011-08-26 23:56:50 All for Mr. Redman Chapter 6 Sorry about the double post - my bad. Anyway, I continue....

As I’m sure has been said before; if any man ever treats you poorly or you are looking for some lovin’, feel free to contact me! We could go to bed and.... read stories together! Heheh..  I’d have to get my girlfriend’s approval first though, but I’m sure she’ll love you! She is bi, at least, so the possibility’s there. 
2011-08-27 00:19:22 A Wild Night I had to come bakc and read this one for a second time. As with all your stories I've read so far, this gets a positive rating from me.