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2009-06-22 10:04:37 Good Little Whore I want to make something very clear to everyone that reads this and posts comments about this. This shit actually happens. How do you know when your girls ready, it doesn't matter if you're the master.
2009-06-24 17:24:14 Temple of Torture PERFECT!!!
2009-06-24 17:44:01 Best Friends Prego Wife Pt 1 i agree, great start, fucking hot. my girls pregnant and i want to know what happens next...
2009-07-02 16:21:06 This is awesome! My girlfriend is pregnant and i'm trying to talk her into a 3some. Great story!!!
2009-07-02 16:41:50 My First DP That was HOT!!! I don't think it was a male that wrote this, but maybe a naive girl. The whole "Lover" thing was a little much. Two you may want to look into some different wording for things. Great job though. You sound incredibly hot, by the way.