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2010-04-06 23:25:18 Daddy Gives Me A Present Reader, No I don't. 9" penises tend to be not real :)
2010-04-11 00:38:57 Insomniac Father i'm glad you like it. I am definitely going to try to write a follow up to this. Cheers
2010-04-27 02:10:45 Insomniac Father Anonymous-- ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? It's where the woman creates feelings for her rapist/kidnapper and it turns a bit into a coercion story. Though that's not the case in this FICTIONAL story, quit making a big deal out of it. Fiction means that it's not real or that it's based off reality. Now quit complaining or write your own damn story.
2011-03-14 08:03:55 My Busy Daughter "Your place is on the Couch, because you are a weak Male.
It like No longer showering with your kid because she has begun to notice your boner."
1) I'm a female.
2) I don't have a child.
3) You are grammatically losing contact with reality.