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2009-08-17 19:41:10 A true father daughter love Thank you all for the support and suggestions i will take them to heart in future writing. I hadn't origionally planned on doing more to this but now I think I will do a prequel about Helen and Jack in their teen years. And I will write it on an actual word program so it will have spellcheck. Thank you all for your pacience and I hope you will enjoy my future writing.
2009-09-22 23:33:28 Pokesex Chapter 1: May's dismay This is the first part of what I'm thinking is going to be a three part series. I'm looking for feedback and ideas for the next one. I've got a basic outline but love to get readers interest.
2009-09-27 22:06:19 The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 1 good start true to the characters cant wait for hiniate to come out of her shell for real
2009-10-06 21:45:53 A new world Glad most of you enjoyed the story. Well I enjoyed doing the story I admit sci fi is not my cup of tea. My next story is going to be third chapter in I guess the Jack series of stories. So if your intrested check out my stories "a true love story" and "a true father daughter love."
2009-10-14 23:32:56 A new world Thank you all for the support and I'm glad you liked the story. I actually have no plan to do a part 2 unfortanually. I feel that it is better left to your imagination. However is someone else wants to write the second part they are more than free to.