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2010-04-09 00:35:20 baby sitting part 1reposted Very nice just short but can't wait for chapter 2
2012-03-24 01:34:14 Pokesex Chapter 1: May's dismay Thank you everyone for being a fan of this story however I just couldn't figure out how to do more and keep it a sex story. Basiclaly Ash and Dawn were a couple. Ash battles Gary and loses causing May to be dropped into a tentacruel tank Dawn battles Gary and wins proving herself a capable trainer.
2013-10-23 00:30:26 Digimon Rise and Fall: Chapter 4: Ignorance Thank you for being a fan. I did Sora and Matt because I'm doing my best to keep to what happens in the actual story. To answer your question I am keeping it with the season one characters but the others might be mentioned.