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2009-07-27 00:22:42 Very personal touch. It was as though you were someone I know describing an event to me. Well done and very arousing as well.
2009-09-08 20:54:18 Grandfather's Boy Toy Good to hear a positive story about a topic familiar to many of us. My own experiences are similar as is my reaction to them. Keep up the good work
2009-10-02 07:53:02 One of the hottest stories I have ever read. I came three times before I could get through it. Outstanding!
2009-11-09 08:35:01 Having Fun I just re reaad this after having seen your new picture post. In short: I'm a big fan! Your writing turned me on before but now to have a visual to go along with it is near perfection. I look forward to experiencing more of your gift in the future. Thank