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2009-07-11 21:23:04 Thank you all for your positive feedback, it really makes me proud to know that you all like it so much. I just finished my next piece so look for more from me in the next week or so

2009-07-16 18:19:20 Can't Rape the Willing foolish, just propogating the fantasy that the rape victim secretly wants to be raped.
2009-08-11 03:24:11 Timestop - Days 1 and 2 Hah! Wish I had thought of this concept: teen angst, sexual frustration, freaky powers, I love it!

I laughed, I cried, I came, good job!
2009-08-21 05:26:25 Planet in crisis sorry friend, there is no hope.

what "needs" to happen is about 90% of the human race dying off... no amount of commities or regulations will stop us from living beyond the carrying capacity of this planet.

nothin to do but let it all fall down then pick up the pieces, but rest assured the planet will survive. humans are nothing but an annoying parasite, when we're gone she'll heal up just fine
2009-11-23 05:25:30 Woops, nice catch Hellkitty. that one slipped through my normally thorough proofreading process i guess lol.

oh well, sue me