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2010-04-17 21:08:38 Dirty Little Boys, Filthy Big Girls I must say, you shoulda left out the part about what she does with her asshole. We know what happens, but I personally don't want to read about it in the middle of a story like this. Otherwise, a pretty good story.
2010-04-20 01:02:30 Fun With Ashleigh Ch 1 Thanks for the feedback. I'll take the narration tip into consideration. And as for the spacing, it was just because I copied and pasted from Word, and Word puts the space in. I figured this would, too and I didn't check. I will next time.
2010-08-06 04:02:24 Fun With Ashleigh Ch 1 reader 2010-07-17 13:56:33 If you read my intro, you would know that I encourage criticism. You do not seem to understand the difference between criticism and whining. If you have something to say about my story, to perhaps improve it, by all means, speak up, because that is constructive criticism. If you are angry about my intro, I consider that whining, about which I have made my opinions clear.
2010-08-06 04:04:47 The TRUE Cinderella Story Man, I just re-read my story, and it sucks. It's so boring and hastily written. Sorry about that guys. I'll do better.