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2009-07-09 13:24:03 Little Red Very Good. But you should have described the wolfs cock. Just a sentance or two. Saying something like: Wolfs cock began poking out of his sheath. At 8 inches Red was staring at it as if it would kill her, yet it still kept growing untill it was ten inches long and Around 2 and a half inches thick.
2010-08-12 14:00:36 The principal. Thanks Guys, I'll start working on a second for this, (:
2010-08-22 15:23:19 Paying the Bill : part one Please, write a second. Pleasee, (:
2010-08-22 15:47:39 The Queen’s Breasts I loved it, Cracked me up, (:
2010-08-27 15:40:09 Operation Violation: Chapter One Best story, EVER. Wow, It's soo hot! (: