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2009-07-31 13:13:57's time for your arse daughters boyfriend at the time
2009-11-09 12:27:04 Alice takes her first strangers cock........shes becoming a very good whore RE: Hitman, it's true that i'm shagging both my missus mum and sister and her cousin who appears in later stories. Some of the things i write are a true account and nearly all the things i write have happened but in some cases i do add a slight bit of fantasy..............we all need a bit of that though dont we!!!? I did eventually get caught by the mother with the sister but it happens further along the story timeline so look out for it.

It's 100% true though that my missus family are the sluts of the village!!
2009-12-10 05:05:59 Fiona & Alice : Mother & daughter : Two whores are better than one re: reader.
the stories i'm telling happened from 6yrs ago up until present day. neither mother or daughter live in the area anymore due to things that will be revealed in later stories. I'm sure if i ask nicely i may be able to tempt them to make the journey down, but they moved away a year or so ago now and have not returned since. it's costing me a fortune in fuel when i want a dirty fuck!!!

Your mates wife??? you dirty dog!!!
2010-04-19 06:03:00 Alice undergo's D.P training work in progress, another story coming very soon
2010-04-27 11:16:18 Alice undergo's D.P training i've been so busy at present, i'm getting more time now so the stories will start flowing again!!