Comments from Ed Itor

Date Story title Comment
2012-12-20 08:54:36 My cousin Lili (Part 1) Is he her cousin or uncle? once ti got to that conflict I stopped reading, sorry mate.
Negative from me.
2013-01-18 01:21:28 Modern Mage - A Hunter's Dilemma A good filler and it adds another dimension to these tales as it lets us know how Roarke, and maybe even others, thinks outside of the main story line.
2013-01-20 00:03:08 Modern Mage Chapter 19 Okay guy get your arse over here so that I can strike you.
This was a good chapter, I am surprised that you made her a Daywalker, as I just assumed that you were writing based upon True Vampires. If you read Dracula you will see that he went out in the day time. Night only Vampires are an invention of Hollywood.
I again await the next edition and say write on.
2013-01-26 23:26:44 In the Valley of the Amazons-3:Hosi's Challenge I agree that this was another great instalment but think that you should have postponed it a few chapters. That though is just my 2¢ worth, I think that soon we will have another snake in the grass when the 5 new men join up, as not all might be willing to live by women's rules. That could have been a reason that Reta used for her attempted coup d'état.
2013-01-31 00:19:39 Modern Mage Chapter 23 A great adventure and a good way to complete it but not end the story.