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2013-02-01 22:51:20 The Existence - Chapter 2 We need a few more of Existence after the losses of Modern Mage's last chapter, to explain how Arthur and the bar handled it.
Maybe have him modernize it with POS and computers, etc.
2013-02-03 00:25:38 This has been an enjoyable read and yes you do make fewer mistakes word wise now. Most grammatical checks don't pick up wrong words being used (MS Word does, probably only thing MS ever got almost correct. :lol) but there is a freebie called AbiWord that is very good and a lot like Word only better as it is not MS.
2013-02-10 09:47:07 Eternal Darkness: Chapter Seven Mishi; did you ever think that maybe he let his desk get messy and sat his lappy precariously knowing that you would feel the need to clean just to get a new PC?
As for what is on the disc drive a reputable PC repair shop should be able to recover all on it if they actually know what they are doing.
Capitias; way to go bro, you actually got a woman to mea culpa & get a new laptop. You are a god amongst men. :lol:
2013-02-10 11:45:58 The hero does not always have to be the strongest, if he is why then does he have to fear the villain? As for Myka being stronger, it seems from the story line that this form of magic comes from a traumatic event in the person's life and maybe the younger you are the more open you are to being over run by it. Remember Myka is not a WarMage and might never become one as children change what they want to be many times in their lives. She might become a great healer after being put into a position of seeing many hurt/dying. Only the story teller knows.
2013-02-23 23:37:04 Eternal Darkness: Chapter Seven Last activity date for this member was Feb. 10/13, so either he is awaiting cash to purchase a new PC or Elvis has left the building.
If they post anything else great if not be grateful for what you got.