Comments from Ed Itor

Date Story title Comment
2009-10-27 00:13:42 JT; you did it again. I'd take my hat off to you but I only wear one outside in winter. Your stories always have a touch of Life humour to them which makes them more enjoyable IMHO.
2009-10-30 19:33:49 Matt's Little Sister I would not be surprised to find out that he already knows, either read the docs or else Rohnda told him. The doorbell(?) is the neighbour girls, soon his daughter & they will be his & each others lovers.
2009-11-23 16:15:01 My Neighbor's Incest Part XIV It is a good series but you have to start fixating more on Joe & his experiences rather than the girls' parents. I think it is time for him & the sisters to decide on their relationship amongst themselves & have realize that Cindy is his Love too.
Live together in Love so that Harmony might reign.
2010-04-17 17:53:56 A Very Difficult Daughter One of the best that I keep rereading.
I am sure that you had posted it at another site where I first read it & was glad to find it here to-day.
2010-05-28 22:00:31 Young Fun #2 So what will middle sister do when she finds out?