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2011-08-17 09:06:55 Crossroads of my life - Part 1 Good entry with just the proper amount of story line and sexual interaction.

I would suggest that you write it on "Word" or a similar proggie that has a grammar as well as a spell checker. That should at least pick up most misspellings and errors in language.
After having that done then re-read the story and if satisfied copy and paste it for submission.
Good luck & keep writing.
2011-08-31 12:50:05 A Dad's Fantasy: Chapter 4 Another good series ruined by a writer that cannot play to his audience and had not the sense to leave well enough alone.
Next they will get raped by good ol boys of some sort at some dump, garage or gin joint. Maybe she'll even be injured or killed and him blaming himself. Same Old, Same Old.
Personally don't bother if that's were this is heading as this chapter wasn't even worth the Internet space it took up. The quality has fallen off.
2011-09-14 11:33:45 My disgusting experience with Daddy: Part 10 You better end it with her going to the cops & Daddy getting an arse fuck by Bubba in prison before a shiv & his boys getting prison & sex crimes listing, if you want the ending to be true to the story.
If you have them being a lusting family then all future stories will get less reads as being unbelievable.
2011-10-17 15:32:29 Girls at the beach How did his girlfriend and her friend suddenly morf into the three young girls he saw at the beach? If you cannot keep your story straight please do not post it.
2011-12-11 09:11:48 My private times with my wife's hot 18 year old cousin Jamie Just remember the positive statements were Sacastic.
In the words of WWE fans: You Suck!