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2014-05-22 20:04:01 Boy in the grass 60 You have to stop the cliff hangers guy. Finish that plot line in each chapter and start the next in the new one. This should have ended with Max's return and then the next would have been what happened after that.
So does the LOTUS have an avatar or did Max have a stowaway?
Good story and now I must await again, dang. Some might say use the long weekend to write more but I say take an extended break and enjoy it with your family & friends. Remember.
2012-05-27 15:26:44 Deep needs of a teen A preteen is 12 or younger, not 15.
2012-05-27 15:52:32 The Innocent Neighbor Girl Part V Well now they cannot blackmail Derreck anymore, as he can point out Dad & Mom can not only join him in jail but can also be sent back to China.
2012-05-29 11:06:02 The Project Please stop hitting enter after each sentence or so,. Write it in Word or similar program and it should catch major spelling and grammar mistakes.
The spacing makes it hard to read.
2012-08-03 21:39:46 My Pretty Little Slaves Do us All a favour no Capter 2, please.