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2014-07-21 17:19:02 Grandma and granson This is a true story? Are you sure???
2010-08-22 06:46:30 Older can be better I don't think there are many stories in the true section that are actually true, but yours was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the memories it brought. Thank you!
2010-08-22 09:40:18 I meet my new nephew An EXCELLENT reminiscence of a wonderful occasion when you showed a young couple what is possible! I wonder if they have become more adventurous since you showed them what is sex can be if both want!
2014-07-15 20:55:59 Walsall Pubs III A marvelous memory, well written and utterly believable. You are an excellent story teller. I'm looking forward to reading all your tales. Thank you.
2010-11-27 19:45:05 Nancy's First Massage How could you suck "her throbbing little clit" with her lying on her stomach and your hand buried in her cunt up to your wrist? Unless of course you had a 12 inch diameter hole in the middle of your massage table and you are a contortionist. Or maybe you are a fantasist. If it's a fantasy, say so. We, your dear readers are not stupid - are you?......