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2009-07-18 21:32:44 A Young Girl's Sexual Training I loved the story. I was wondering what happen to her brother Lenny. Will we find out y mom left.
2009-07-31 10:28:58 My daughter Miriam I want to thank all who left comments. I will work harder at grammar and spelling. BTW if you comment on "grammer" spell it correctly. It should be spelled grammar. See, I can do better. Why someone thinks I'm NOT 51 is beyond me. I am 51.
To Larry, I'm glad that you enjoyed the story despite the fact it is not the kind of story that you would normally read.
2009-08-08 22:02:16 MOM & I WERE RAPED I enjoyed the story very much.
2009-08-11 11:52:32 Last Minute Customer That was a very hot story. I love it all. I work retail and dream of something like that happening to me.
2009-08-11 11:55:53 Last Minute Customer Pt 2 I have a young girl that works for me. I have fantasized about doing her after work. If she ever gave me a hint that she was interested I'd love to go down on her and pleasure her.