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2010-06-23 15:14:24 A Time To Come. very interesting and creative with the names. I enjoyed it. Very well written, hope to read more of your stories in the future. The end was a bit of a throw off wasn't expecting her to be destroyed, but good story.
2010-06-23 19:30:07 More Beautiful Every Day Beautiful, greatly written and what a lucky women she must be. If a man ever wrote something like this for me, I would marry him quickly.

hope to read more of your poetry
2010-06-23 19:33:06 If (Love Poem) This is amazing and it touches me on a personaly level. Thank you so much for writing this, I will become a big fan.
2010-06-23 19:36:52 Are They Happier Without Me? Wow, almost dropped a tear. Very very well written, your talent deserves to be read by other people.
2010-08-15 15:15:26 ONENAUGHTYGIRL. Very sexy
I enjoyed reading it:)

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