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2012-12-21 20:48:45 A fantastic story, and brilliantly written - it can stand on its own but having read the pizza girl series I love the link back to it!
2013-10-13 21:40:03 Brother / Sister Incest Porno - Part 2 Please do continue :) The Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar were grand.

Slightly disappointed to see a watersports tag but then have only that brief mention of peeing =
2013-10-13 22:15:34 Oh! Emily Still one of my all-time favourites on this site. If only there was a part two...
2013-11-26 22:10:01 Businessman's Problem Impressive work! The only thing I would've liked to see would've been some scat/golden showers, but apart from that it was excellent! Keep up the good work, hope there's a sequel!
2013-12-02 22:34:36 Ben Understands Everything A very sweet story :) As another comment said - a decent understanding of Austim, very well & realistically portrayed :)