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2010-08-23 18:39:59 Babysitting the Twins Again way to long, and what a stupid bitch, not guessing what they had in mind,
2010-08-25 17:28:25 How a brother and sister find each other dont you lot write yourselves, and miss spell and use the wrong word now and again.?

if you have read this story, the author said he read it several times and become word blind.

this is easy, done, one puts the story to page, goes back and makes little changes, then reads it again, still need tweaking a bit so reads it again, then comes back for yet another read, or more to the point skips reads it as you know the content.

so give the author a break and take the story for what it is.

it's fiction and where has the author said they are going to college, i read it as it's easier to write as if its you rather than a third party.

having said that what a fab story, dont know if a second part is called for, the parents could accept it or not,