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2009-08-23 02:36:19 His Boy Very good loved this,, Do you have anymore? Reminds me of my school day.. I was only 14 when my sports teacher ,, maybe another time if anyones interested kent xx
2009-10-27 05:26:07 Extra Credit Great story,, My sports teacher asked me to stay back after school sport when I was 14, We both need to pee, when I saw his big hard cock he smiled and asked if I wanted to touch it? When I said yes, he locked the doors to the change rooms and pulled down his shorts and asked me to suck himm He came in my mouth with so much cum it ran down my face,, He cleaned me up and drove me home.. There is more and this is TRUE for those interested.. My teacher was married with 2 kids and was about 45..
2010-07-18 05:51:37 camp ground surprise Hey graet story ,, Keep going ,, reminds me of when my sports teacher washed me after he came in my mouth and on my cloths,, we had to shower and I sucked him a second time,,
2011-01-18 03:09:13 great this was me at 14 with my teachers at school..
2011-02-18 06:07:23 The Towel Girl's Punishment Very good story I would love to read more,, CONGRATULATIONS