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2010-03-25 04:19:09 Rachel, My Naughty Little Tomboy Neighbor its funny how society looks down on older guys with younger girls. but not younger guys with older girls. i lost my v card at 14. and im a guy. and got congradulated 4 it. what we 4get is america was foundid by puritons. and sex with the young has been practiced since what? 4ever? having a young mother helpd insure more children and had a less chance of death during child birth. whats the age of concent in englend? 14? or is it 16?
2010-03-25 04:19:58 Rachel, My Naughty Little Tomboy Neighbor btw love the story, very well written
2010-09-10 17:43:13 I'm hot for my older sister 6 (and my MOM, too!)...The Final Chapter great story!! keep it up