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2009-09-25 22:46:29 Please make part two! :D
2009-09-29 20:00:41 Hey guys,
With this story, I added blowjobs. It was the first time I did such a thing so please keep that in mind. If this story is sucessful, or if people like it enough, then I will make a part 3. Please leave me comments and suggestions as to how I can improve. Thank you and happy jerking!
2009-12-08 01:46:49 Part 3 is coming out. I just submitted it. Sorry it took me so long, I have just been very busy. I hope you all like the next part. I tried to add a little more detail, but I could have probably used more...
2009-12-09 00:57:36 boy's first cock It was a hot story, but not enough detail for my likings. If you take your time a little more, then it is a very good story.
2010-04-16 21:36:40 Sailing in Thailand To my opinion, this story is grossly underrated. It is not a sex filled story, but it has that sense of realism that I love. Great story, and I really wish that you continue to write!