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2009-11-14 21:14:21 My Brother's Sly and I'm His Guy yeah, it's rape...and it's great. one of the very best stories on here. let the flamers go jack to their consentual underage but still legally rape stories.
we need a few more lil boy rapes on here. after all, it's only imagination, and it just may divert someone from doing it for real.
2009-11-14 22:33:25 My Brother's Sly and I'm His Guy! hey, man, this is his second posting of this story today. the 1st was without paragaphs. when i first clicked on this 2nd version, it was in paragraphs. then before my very eyes, it reformated, closing up the paragaphs. a site problem.
but a great story. more little boy rape. and sly-sky please more jason and 6-year old Kyle.
2009-11-16 23:46:22 Wrestling with Aidan Hot! I so want more, please.
2009-11-17 10:27:30 Wrestling with Aidan we gays get one terrific little story, and because it's hot, straights right away want females added to the wrestling. you guys got Ultimate Surrender. leave this to the gay boys. there are so few gay stories on here as it is and the bi ones deal mostly with the heterosexual side..
2009-11-18 23:39:58 Fun in the dorm showers :) this is an enjoyable intro, and hopefully will continue. why anyone would either character or the writer 'sick' is beyond me. this is what gay boys do, and as 'normal' as what straights do.