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2009-09-21 20:54:36 Dark Aria Thanks for helping me pick out my Halloween costume. Love your work, Sarahhh.
2009-10-15 21:53:31 I keep getting questions on how to access the pics in my albums. It does seem to be rather tedious. Here's what one dude told me:

I access peoples albums by finding their name on one of the stories or in the list of stories and clicking on it. This lists their posted stories. Once I have found it, I click on "Find Forum posts by [author]". This provides me their posts and their name is a link to their public profile. In the public profile, on the right side is the list of all their albums. If a person hasn't made a forum post, I haven't figured out how to find their albums, but his works for me.
2009-10-17 15:04:36 It's me, Sarahhh, the author of this story. The only reason I say that is because I posted another comment and my user name didn't show, although I was signed in. The one about how to access my pics.

Hey Vegan Dawg (I call him Vegan rather than Vegas Dawg due to no meat), I put little mistakes in my stories to see if people actually read them. In your case, I'm surprised you can read, period (he's a Brown's fan, in case you can't tell, people).

Incidentally, he is the #2 ranked player in his fantasy football league. You'll never guess who is #1.

Go Steelers tomorrow! I love Dick!
2010-04-19 08:31:07 Sarah and DeadeyeÂ… second meeting. Part 2: The Mall. Oh yeah, I like stories about Sarah. Sarah is a very naughty girl. LOL. But not as bad as me! Smooches, Sarahhh