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2009-11-14 11:05:16 Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 3 To the "hott" reader, ;).
Sorry all my characters and stories are laid out already. She is actually made by a friend of mine and also. That character is not young, not a granny but not under the age of 25, and seeing how she acts and dresses, it just wouldn't fit her being a virgin. I will tell you this, There will be a virgin in story 4. Seems like a long ways away but theres tons of virgin stories to tie you over till then, ;). Also the more positive votes/comments I get, the more inclined I will be to write more. I like to people enjoy my work. Have a good day.
2009-11-18 20:06:24 Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 1 Question to all the readers who give it a negative. What could make the story better for you? Dont just leave a negative rating and not tell the author why. Please let me know so I can become a better author. I take positive criticism well.
2009-11-23 20:54:06 Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 3 Sorry I am a slow author. I am working on it dont worry. On another note, do you have any thoughts on the story thus far? besides it made you wet of course ha ha ha....
2010-04-30 21:16:06 Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 3 i have finished more chapters, reader, if you want to read the next chapter, you can contact me if your wish
2010-11-20 16:33:02 Predator Series: Chapter Five: Oh what fun If you are going to leave a negative comment, PLEASE, please let me know why. This is also a setup chapter. It does not involve much anything.