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2011-06-09 02:08:10 Predator Series: Chapter Seven: Lust Machine Anon about the positive rating. Give it if the story deserves. It is slow because it is being wrote as a book. It is VERY slow but it is building up to everything. As far as more sex, that will be granted. As far as longer and faster. Well I will let the main character handle that side of things ;)
2011-06-09 02:10:31 Predator Series: Chapter Seven: Lust Machine Also the Story is mapped out mostly already. Its not a lack of ideas but rather I want it to go slow. I want this story to last a bit longer and actually have meaning. Its not like the thousand of other stories on here, but rather has a story and dialog and the tid bits you would find in a normal book versus a fuck flick
2011-06-16 07:41:11 Predator Series: Chapter Eight: Echos of Lust As stated I will be making a website just for these stories. Also I said I am >unsure< if I will keep posting them here or not. Still on the edge about that.
2011-06-16 21:33:40 Predator Series: Chapter Eight: Echos of Lust Yeah I understand how that could be confusing which if you noticed it almost came back some in this chapter. Just remember this is from the perspective of the "Predator" view so the prey wont have much character to her. There will be a lot more interaction from her in later chapters as she is going through a mental mind f**k which is to be expected in this type of scenario. Also note that there will be a "sister" series for this series and that will be the "Preys" side of view.

Also note I will not stop writing this series. I enjoy this series and the more I hear from readers the more it makes me want to write even more. I do how ever really want to setup a website as a reader has volunteered to draw some images for the story which I want to the users to enjoy the visual aspect of the story when ever the reader gets the images done. Until then you guys will have to suffer your imaginations ;). Also will allow users to directly interact with me, and maybe effect how the story happens
2011-11-09 01:26:45 The Egocentric King - Part one The last part of this chapter can be fount on my website