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2011-06-09 23:04:48 FAMILY FUCKING FUN Great story. Liked all your suggestions, except the bestiality. Anal, Bi and WS would be fun. ;D
2012-04-02 18:35:34 Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Love Awesome story. Please, damn, please make a part two.

You got a fan right here.
2012-04-07 01:00:05 Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are...Sisters Although it's a good story, I think the plan took is too distracting and unconvincing. The first story made us empathize with Ron, and enjoy Kim's wit, while they taught Rachel a lesson. This second one pulls a crazy plan with which first story's Kim could never have agreed on.

Maybe on the third chapter things could turn away from that plan and they could focus on breaking Rachel as a sex toy. Have Petrov killed or one of Rachel's bags contain the money, which they deliver to the mob, along with precious info on Petrov. Then have they teach Rachel a lesson on keeping the truth away from them while risking everyone's lives. That would be fun. :)
2012-04-08 22:45:41 Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are...Sisters #WhiteHat -- Thanks for the reply. It's good to know you have a plan. I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter. :)
2012-05-13 23:38:47 Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are...Fucking like Bunnies I hope you're ok to write the next chapter soon. :)