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2009-09-19 09:17:53 Reading Allowed, Pt.4 Sorry about the formatting - it seems to be a technical issue with XNXX. Everything was nicely spaced and indented when I submitted these chapters and they all wound up the way they are when they got posted.
2009-09-20 10:49:43 Reading Allowed, Pt.1 Ann Rice's name was not on the original printings of the 'Beauty' books, it's true, but subsequent printings all have the author listed as 'Ann Rice, writing as A. N. Roquelare'.

And as far as the formatting and spacing go, the stories are all very nicely laid out when I submit them but show up as you see them when posted. I have no idea why, and have written to the moderator to see what can be done but haven't heard back. Perhaps it's a Mac/PC problem. Glad everyone's enjoying the story.