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2010-05-19 16:12:15 Pregnant teen neighbor I do plan on writing more, not sure how many sequels of this I'd make. But work has been rough lately. So I found little time to write.

But soon that will change.
2012-06-11 08:24:51 sis's milk hey Athlonri, there have been many good stories posted the past couple of days, so you should go steal those too. No one will remember them at all
2012-07-28 03:49:54 Bicycle tied up Are you sure about that? Every version of this story I find on the net is dated after this one was posted. Hell, one site I saw this on is yet another mirror site of this one.
2012-07-28 19:26:16 U L T R A - V I O L E N C E Cliff notes Definition : a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.

Meaning that it tells you what happens in the story.

In this case, you seem to have created a Cliff notes for the Movie (never read the book) of a Clockwork Orange. You're characters are the same as in the movie and the one scene you describe (Singing in the Rain) is also used in the movie (not sure about the book, I never read it)
2012-10-19 18:39:30 Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 3 - Jenny's Halloween Sleepover wasn't there a part four to this story? Or am I wrong.