Comments from Zen River Otter

Date Story title Comment
2009-09-16 11:48:24 Punishing Rachel, Part One I liked how you started with the aftermath especially with the cliffhanger of how she will get through the night. Hoping for several more installments.
2009-09-16 12:29:54 Is it so wrong Definitely the start of a good series. The idea of a reluctant pimp seems quite original to me.
2009-09-17 14:33:03 Punishing Rachel, Part Two Seems like Josh as put a lot of thought into this yet obviously has no practical experience. Nice touches with bringing that out. (i.e. The modified cat woman cap not working on thick hair.)
2009-09-19 13:26:33 Annas story Your story has touched me rather unexpectedly. Growing up in an alcoholic home I know all too well the price of voicing an opinion and looking some someone to see the “real” me. I look forward to reading more of Anna's story.