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2009-09-28 12:17:48 Truth or Dare with Kelly Som men have all the fun with a female's lips; all I use is my hand
2009-10-10 22:14:40 A Note About a Dream It's a Love Story: Would not hurt all critics, which writers count on for support in their journey to grow and improve. To read just one poem of Andrew Marvell: "The Definition of Love" . Its following words are noted: " is soul is fixed...two perfect loves .[so] close...join the ours ...[is] truly the conjunction of the mind" With Marvell's words noted, I believe <wantsomefun's> work will be understood as to the goal as written for the entertainment of XNXX's readers. setting out
2009-10-13 12:09:49 Summer - Brothers Love Took me back to the early days of masturbation, a friend wanted suck me, if I sucked him. I felt the heat of his mouth near my cock; while my mouth felt the heat his cock generated. Then we broke apart to jerked ourselves off---Oh had I only sucjked him and he suck me--- Solo masturbation would have been very limited, indeed
2009-10-13 12:53:54 Stripping For My Nephew Perfect story to read slowly; while mastubating and denying self to ejaculate until it can't be held back any longer
2009-10-15 21:35:32 Massage Thousands of readers with a few positive and sadly negative ratings. Without comments, I have no guide as to where to direct the stories...Please not the 'Trash Bin'. I sense that already---Suggestions and they will be fulfilled. Not today, 10/15/09---a frigid feel is upon my body from the drop in temperatures---and furnance not programmed to kick in until below 55 dregrees. It's almost 35 degrees nowb and finger numb, as I presume my first story. Must go now to under the warm bed covers, without a waem body next to me, except Taylor---my Irish Setter.....