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2009-09-26 11:26:49 Sexually Frustrated Wife - part 2 Forgive me...I'm not a writer by any means. Now you know, English wasn't one of my strong subjects in school. Just wanted to tell a great sexual time I had with a beautiful horny woman.

2009-09-25 21:11:45
What the fuck is 'Unsatisable'??? Did you mean 'insatiable', meaning 'can't get enough'? Because what you put up is not a word.
2009-12-03 23:44:40 First Night with Alison Reader
2009-11-14 14:44:55
What a piece of crap.

Hey...if you don't like my stories why torcher yourself by reading them? You probably couldn't do any better. At least I'm not afraid to post. Personally I don't care if any one likes them. I am just trying to waist time while recovering from a stroke.