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2009-10-03 23:27:58 LONG WINTER WEEKEND WITH THE GIRLS – Part 1 What a HOT HOT story! I am so hard now I'm gonna have a great orgasm! Thank you and I can't wait for part 2! I really love the references to the bare feet too. Just beautiful.
2009-09-27 10:06:50 Educating the girls Part 12 this is a great series! Keep the stories cumming!
2009-10-03 20:54:19 Twincest - Home Alone VERY nice story mousie! I hope you write a sequel! I love the references to the bare feet - always turns me on!
2009-10-02 20:06:23 Educating the girls Part 13 Great story - love the continuing saga! Really gets me horny!
2009-10-02 20:35:34 Guide week Part 3 very nice! i especially enjoyed the foot attention and the the insertion of fingers in asses! thanks!