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2011-12-05 04:02:38 Great story absolutely something that very easily can and prolly does happen,Had I been the young man i am sure i would have had the same request, its a shame and yet prolly true the girl felt shamed.I dont think any other act in the world could have been less selfish or more giviing!
society looks at incest as something so immoral and sinful yet in biblical days
marriages between brother and sister were the norm. and there is no scientific proof of anything suh as birth defects missing limbs etc that can happen, the bad part of a sibling reproduction if one of the parents lacks a immune gene it would be enhanced in a child of siblings, such as cancers..other than that type of thing its all old wives tales about extra limbs,missing limbs etc again great story, well written....
2013-12-22 20:46:59 Her Fantasy more to come very very soon