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2009-11-15 17:37:14 my sexy young slut wife stacy Good story! I've been a voyeur/masturbator & into slutty women since my teens. Michael (reader on 07/15/09), would love to swap notes with you about my wife. Met her in a 5 star hotel cocktail lounge in Manila. She worked there as a prostitute from age 16 to 20, servicing businessmen, dipolmats, and servicemen from all over the world. I get turned on to all sexy sluts who swallow.
2009-12-08 01:03:59 fiona finally swallows my sperm Whats with all these readers with sore eyes??? Whackin off so much they're going blind? Or perhaps their bifocals just need adjusting? If a story turns me on, I could give me a flying fuck whether it's upper or lower case. It's the turn on that counts -- and fuckable mature (late 30s, 40s, & perhaps early 50ish horny fuckable housewife sluts are among my favorite turn-on. Looking forward to reading more.
2009-12-08 01:25:59's time for your arse Damn that's hot! Maybe I should have a go at plugging my ole lady's turd hole again. Maybe fix her a nice strong drink with prescription strength muscle relaxer tonight :-)
2010-07-25 17:46:28 Devilish cruelty Have always had a bit of a fetish for a fair amount depravity but never expected to get so turned on to the mere mention of devil worship. Verbal degradation of hot slutty submissive whores is always exciting.
2010-07-25 22:18:20 Margie goes horse riding Hot story. Best I've read so far -lost my load about half way thru it. Will have to come back and read again shortly when ready to lose another load. Always relate to stories where the husband encourages wife to put out for other men - or in this case for other males.